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Олена Зеленська
The First Lady of Ukraine 🇺🇦
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The stronger Ukraine is, the more furious enemy becomes. Today, a number of our regions was under a massive Russian attack. In Kyiv, a civilian was killed, there are wounded. Despite everything, I am proud of Ukrainians’ endurance during hours of anxiety, of our invincibility🇺🇦

"Ukraine fatigue". One of common questions — in Davos too. The answer is simple: you cannot stop extinguishing fire when half of building is still burning. If world stops supporting 🇺🇦, if Ukrainians stop — then all the hard way was in vain. Victory or nothing. No middle ground. https://t.co/9U7iJRZBbs

Invited @vonderleyen and @EU_Commission to join the new project of my foundation. Ukraine needs 🇪🇺 financial support to develop family-based forms of care in order to get rid of orphanages. A home and a family for every child – the most worthy goal to which we should go together.

During the #wef23 meeting, I expressed gratitude to EU Commission President @vonderleyen once again for attention to Ukraine. The €100 million collection for 🇺🇦 schools restoration initiated by her — an invaluable help to return our children proper education and decent future. https://t.co/oJJauPtb8q

Even more answers about the state aid are now at the distance of an application in your smartphone. Useful, convenient, understandable. The fewer barriers are, the stronger is Ukraine. It is simple, but we all need it exactly right now. 2/2 https://t.co/ujYMbPOL0Z

Ukraine needs not only victory, but also justice. So, in my address to @UKParliament, I called on all those supporting our people to take a consistent step and support the UN General Assembly resolution on creation of a special tribunal on the ru-aggression crime against Ukraine. https://t.co/2z8TwjLUod

I will never get tired of thanking Great Britain for everything that it is doing for Ukraine. I believe that we have a lot of joint projects ahead of us to overcome the war consequences and recover Ukrainians. Soft power is capable of significant results when we act together 2/2 https://t.co/RB9PkxxpXP

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