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Олена Зеленська
The First Lady of Ukraine 🇺🇦
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Ukraine is returning its people and lands. Defends human values and the right to have one's own voice. Today it was heard on the sidelines of #UNGA77 by President @ZelenskyyUa. Ukraine continues to fight. For all people and humanity. For justice and peace. Glory to Ukraine!🇺🇦 https://t.co/klMHJTJxOX

The day the whole Ukraine was waiting for. The day which brought back happiness to 215 families of our Heroes. The thoughts and joy of millions of Ukrainians are with them today. We are grateful. Grateful for the feat, for indomitability, for Ukraine!🇺🇦 https://t.co/zaLJTUNPyW

Together with @Denys_Shmyhal thanked Secretary General @antonioguterres for his personal efforts supporting Ukraine. But now we need even more international help to free 🇺🇦 doctors, women and children from Russian captivity. I believe that I was heard and we will get the help. https://t.co/ZKha0mnwvX

Thanked Mrs. @trussliz for Great Britain’s uncompromising support for Ukraine. Together with @DmytroKuleba and @SergiyKyslytsya discussed RF’s war crimes and how we will overcome their consequences. Called to join the Fast Recovery Plan and contribute to the reconstruction of 🇺🇦. https://t.co/HCG01zyWme

Ukrainians need justice. Russian war criminals punishment. Reparations payments. The returning of children abducted by Russia. We talked about it with the COE Secretary General @MarijaPBuric. Ukraine is counting on real help from @coe. Our each child has to be at home. https://t.co/Fm3k1iYXBt

Discussed EU help for 🇺🇦 with @MargSchinas and @SKyriakidesEU. Our priorities – education and medicine. And the main thing is the investment – so that we can effectively treat, safely teach and develop the #Superhumans prosthetics project specifically in Ukraine. 1/2 https://t.co/hKxy5RnZ9c

Today 🇺🇦 is in the spotlight at EU situation Report in @Europarl_EN. Heroic resistance to the aggressor, our common actions and perspectives with 🇪🇺 are among the crucial topics. Great honor to be here on behalf of Ukraine. Great inspiration to see admiration of our country. 1/2 https://t.co/Cs7b2kKaUN

Arrived to the annual 🇪🇺 situation Report at the invitation of @vonderleyen. I was glad to personally thank Ms. von der Leyen for her contribution to Ukraine's obtaining the status of a candidate for EU membership. Thank you for an important and inspiring meeting. 🇺🇦 is Europe! https://t.co/lA74jobrb6

It is Russia which invaded 🇺🇦, destroys cities and kills civilians. Ukrainians defend their land and their children’s future. If we give up — we will not exist tomorrow. If 🇷🇺 gives up — war will be over. @rogerwaters, you’d better ask RF’s President for peace. Not Ukraine.

World pays a high price for resisting 🇷🇺 aggression. Someone pays huge bills. Ukraine pays with thousands of dead people and destroyed cities. But we are grateful to every European who understands: our common goal – freedom. Talked to @BBCWorld about it: https://t.co/413s8SlGpW https://t.co/GNklIq0yEL

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