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@Jarrodjf10 The United States citizens need to move to Ukraine. The pretend President of the United States keeps shelling out money to the country. It will be a great place to live. Well, he has to make sure he takes care of Ukraine or things may come out. Knowledge of secrets is power

@TimRunsHisMouth So how does this work? Does Russia get the memo to stop firing and Ukraine gets ready for their celebrity visit? This war is so fake!

@Anti_SS_69 @Sparkle31888597 @macaac3 Putin isn鈥檛 the enemy. He is fighting one world order. 500 billion has been given to Ukraine from the US. At least that is what they are telling their people. Where is the money? Who鈥檚 account is it really in?

@mikepompeo When Putin invaded Ukraine, gas was up a dollar more than when The pretend President took office. Putin isn鈥檛 to blame and Putin isn鈥檛 the enemy. The pretend President needs to man up and accept that fact he is a screw up!

@greg_price11 That is exactly what people want is cheaper gas. Russia didn鈥檛 cause the gas prices to increase. Gas was a dollar higher when Russia invaded Ukraine in the U.S. Mr Biden you caused it alll!

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