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Proud Puertorican Mom! US Citizen! Republican. Anti-Commie. I鈥檓 exercising my 1st Amendment Right .Pro PR Statehood. Respect the Constitution
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@POTUS But sends the money to Ukraine and is not fit for President

@POTUS Radical Leftists don鈥檛 care about Americans. They鈥檒l keep sending your money to Ukraine, Beijing Joe will keep collecting his 10% from China, a crackhead will continue acting as a #ForeignAgent Radical Leftists will keep lying about Jan. 6 and continue #Laundering

@PattyMurray Who cares if Americans can鈥檛 afford 馃挬 right? Who cares about Inflation? Who cares if Biden Inc. sends Americans money to Ukraine? Who cares? Obviously NOT the Radical Left 馃檮馃う鈥嶁檧锔 #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

@damianh @DarkRomee @ChuckCallesto You need to work hard, give up your money, so the 鈥渉armless鈥 Beijing Joe can collect his 10 percent and send the rest to Ukraine. Who cares if Americans are suffering from a historical Inflation? You鈥檒l get Nothing and you鈥檒l like it! 馃ぁ

Look man, pay your fair share then! Ukraine needs your money 馃槀馃拝馃徎馃槑

Radical Leftists DemocRATS will send American鈥檚 Tax money to Ukraine but leave OHIO residents and the environment go to hell. #LetThatSinkIn #DemocRATsAreEvil #DemocRATsHateAmericans

@JoeBiden Constituents money going to Ukraine and ilegal immigrants. Why not care for America First? Sounds clear to me #BeijingJoe

@WhiteHouse Stop the ridiculous spending, stop 鈥渟ending鈥 money to Ukraine and pay for your 10%, #BigGuy #Treason

@RepJeffries The Extreme Radical Leftists of the DemocRAT party has done Everything to make Americans decide between staying warm or feed their family. They put Ukraine 1st and America Last. They are Commies who censor the truth and have failed on EVERYTHING, even have a Border crisis 馃惤馃悁鈥檚

@RepJeffries Dear Leftists: Control your spending, drop the 鈥済reen馃挵deal鈥, stop the Ukraine money laundering, just stay home and boom, problem solved 馃ぁ

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