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#StandWithUkraine #ArmUkraineNow You can support Ukraine here:
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@NationB4Party @RobertH70660298 Sure yet this is not the only way to help Ukraine. Smaller funds work ON THE GROUND directly with troops and they will deliver this aid MUCH sooner than the government. But sure, go on dismissing the relentless work of smaller funds who literally equip the Army.

@EarlFollows Right! I even received a comment (from a friend no less!!!) under my angry post about twatmusk to ''maybe be gentle on him as he's still valuable for you''... And occasionally I see comments like this to ''forgive musk'' as he ''has helped Ukraine a lot'' - he literally did not馃ぎ

@KonstantinKisin Not exactly correct conslusion, with all respect. His purpose of war in Ukraine is first of all TO ANNIHILATE SOVEREIGN UKRAINE THROUGH MEANS OF TERROR AND GENOCIDE. To say otherwise is diminishing our tragedy. We are not the means, we are literally the goal. The first stage.

@MMagarooni @shanvav You have NO right to speak on our behalf or police our reactions, dude. If even our President reacted to him, it means WE KNOW WHAT TO DO. Our official leadership reacted, dude, wake up. WE DECIDE how to respond when it comes to Ukraine, not you! You don't have a say in this! 3

#Kyiv region #BilaTserkva was attacked by kamikaze drones tonight. For those of you who think that Kyiv region is ''safe''... No it's not. Nowhere and noone is really safe in Ukraine as long as the war goes on.

Hey twat! You don't know what ''relentlessly attacked'' is. It means being under CONSTANT threat of shelling/bombing/torturing/rape/becoming homeless or dead. Noone ''attacks'' your lord musktwat. WE SIMPLY TELL HIM THE TRUTH. You cowards have no say over Ukraine!

@WJBMass This is absolutely inappopriate to ask this after 8 years and 7 months of war. Ask people living in east Ukraine if you dare. It will NOT be taken well. It's REALLY offensive.

YES, also MYKOLAIV, not Nikolaev. UKRAINE, not ''the Ukraine'' god forbid...

@ngc_alex Ukrainians know best what to comment on when it comes to Ukraine! Just look at how outraged twitter community, including Ukrainians, are by his shitty post! You can of course chose to stay silent, but no need to tell me this and imply that my post ''burns bridges'' or whatever!

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