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Increasingly Ukrainian. Native of Donbass, lived in Kharkiv. I am your "Russian-speaking Easterner"
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@chebu_sigma @JS1ZL @Podolyak_M living in Europe is certainly better than living in Russia, and this is how most people in both Russia and Ukraine see it. / There are many families without fighting-age men among them. / If you read the stories, you'll see: they weren't given the choice.

@JimmySecUK the wall inscription: "you are forever responsible for those you domesticated". And it is in Russian. Apparently Russian wasn't banned, eh? Perhaps any foreigner accusing Ukraine (after, naturally, reading/watching Russian propaganda) must first come and see in person.

@daverob_1954 @arestovych @Podolyak_M thank you for your support of Ukraine. We truly, truly appreciate it.

@westlowersaxoni @noclador true, this is the question of having, or not having, old Soviet stuff. There is simply not enough of it to fight even for a year, & apparently no Western strategy regarding its exhaustion. Likely a politically motivated Biden decision to NOT provide Western jets, tanks to Ukraine

@fenderjazz777 @IAPonomarenko you bring domestic quarrels into the matter, it is for you Dems vs GOP; I have no interest in that, Ukraine was betrayed by both parties. Equal culpability is fine with me.

@Srit67 @noe_enklere @IAPonomarenko "Russia never denied Ukraine existence" have you even heard of a certain Dmitry Medvedev? I can go on and on and on with the quotes of Russians denying Ukraine's right to be, kinda difficult to miss them when you live in the same country for 400 years, but honestly, whatever.

@Srit67 @noe_enklere @IAPonomarenko Russia did build much new infrastructure, given Russia's easy multibillion fossil-fuel income. At the same time, there was a violent forcible "repossession" of property, businesses taken away unlawfully. "Under Ukraine there was luxury in Crimea". https://t.co/jI7VNBrfgq https://t.co/0054K0bXwX

@JonoFrom @IAPonomarenko Putin always wanted all of Ukraine; he doesn't recognize the existence of the Ukrainian ethnicity. His propaganda depicts Ukraine as "Malorossiya", "Little Russia". If we save even half the country, it's still worth fighting.

@fenderjazz777 @IAPonomarenko foreign policy is the president's realm. It would require something extraordinary for the Congress to force Biden to provide ATACMS to Ukraine while he believes this risks WWIII. The Congress wanted to arm Ukraine in 2014, Obama simply ignored it.

@Luotio @IAPonomarenko "supply lines" are trucks moving down the road, difficult to hit that. Munition dumps are easier, but apparently the Russians have moved them farther from the frontline, to reach far enough Ukraine would need munitions with the range of 120+ km, Biden is not providing that.

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