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@Euan_MacDonald EOD, popular support for Ukraine is skin deep in the US and declining. This is now, where the US is not engaged anywhere else. Obama was cool headed enough to objectively recognize US interests, unlike GWB whose fault it is for dangling NATO membership to Ukraine thoughtlessly.

@Euan_MacDonald Security guarantees to Ukraine are a non starter - then and now. There is no public appetite for war with troops on the ground for Ukraine. Keep in mind that the US was still in Iraq and Afghanistan at the time, and even the weapons supply happening now would not be possible.

@Tetiana11504596 @apmassaro3 Just that it is sad - they grew up on a different time when Russia / Ukraine were interchangeable, and the war was a tragedy. No one likes to talk at a deeper level than platitudes - more comfortable talking about our every day stuff.

@AyazK100 @DefensePolitics Actually, more than the US, it was the EU that had refused to negotiate with Russia and claimed that the EU-Ukraine deal was bilateral and any impact on Russia was outside its scope. US gets a bad rap for Maidan but EU was overbearing on the economic front.

@Tetiana11504596 @apmassaro3 Honestly, most Americans were not thinking about Ukraine, or Russia for that matter - till Trump got elected and it became a media obsession. Only very few of us, geo-political nerds if you will, were into reading about the Donbas prior to 2022.

@PeImeniPusha I think reality is the opposite - if a war of attrition continues and Ukraine has to finally compromise, the backlash against Zelensky will be merciless. An end that is worse than Minsk is a Ukrainian defeat.

@cosmicjohn2276 @shashj My larger point is this - what did Ukraine do till 2014, that the Russians did not invade, and accepted their borders? What did they do in 2022 - perhaps arresting Medvedchuk was a mistake, perhaps he shd have been co-opted? A smaller power has to be nimble for self preservation.

@shashj Contrast India's strategy vis a vis China to Ukraine and Russia - I would pick the Indian model any day. Better to have a developing country than a disaster with Western / Demestic accolades. This was also Nehru's error in 1962 - a forward policy without the means to back it up.

@mehmet_theeng @RWApodcast Western world's entire thesis is based on 1991 borders. This war is neither about legality or morality, it is about emotions. Do Russians feel Crimea / eastern Ukraine is historically theirs? Was the acceptance of 91 borders unconditional or made under certain assumptions?

@RussOnPolitics @atrupar Outsmarted or not will become clear in the run up to the elections if the war is still on. US border situation versus Ukraine will be an interesting messaging battle.

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