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At a time of war & massive displacement - incl of vulnerable women & children forced to flee without spouses/fathers - @facebook @Meta allow their platform to be used by paid dodgy dating sites advertising #Ukraine women. Heaps of creepy comments show immediate action needed! https://t.co/qZighJaQrY

@AP & @frontlinepbs have uncovered a sophisticated Russian-run smuggling operation using falsified manifests & seaborne subterfuge to steal #Ukraine grain worth at least $530 million — cash that has helped feed President Vladimir Putin’s war machine. https://t.co/43EJT6kyXB

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov - who’s called for use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine- says his 3 sons, aged 14, 15 & 16 will travel to #Ukraine front line to fight. Using children under 15 in hostilities is considered a war crime. More in my daily: https://t.co/Cs0IW23js4

Ukraine President Zelensky: “Ukraine will retrieve what it owns…There is no trace of any pseudo-referendum there," adding that Russians will see a "more and more" different reality compared to what their officials say - via @KyivIndependent #htlgi22 #Ukraine https://t.co/7bxMdJVo7d

Privileged to have shared stage w/such esteemed power panel members. Main take away of Putin’s recent moves: people don’t realize how serious this is. Sanctions more a tool for leaders to claim action. People - esp here in UK - have to prepare for possibly a war economy #Ukraine

#BREAKING President Putin has announced illegal seizure of four areas of Ukraine - saying they are now Russian territory. Claims people living there made their choice - but "referendums" held there nothing more than shams. West MUST respond SWIFTLY & STRONGLY #UkraineWar https://t.co/UXi0ij6J6V

Ukrainian officials say 25 people have been killed and 28 injured in a horrific attack by Russian forces on a convoy leaving the city of Zaporizhzhia. All are civilians - @suspilne_news #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar https://t.co/JXn9BTNI1k

The absorption of thousands of square miles of sovereign Ukrainian territory will be the largest forcible annexation of land in Europe since 1945. As residents of the 4 regions subject to conscription it could also force them to fight on the frontline #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar https://t.co/UyDVUql1q8

Russia's Vladimir Putin to hold ceremony to illegally annex 4 more areas of Ukraine - at 13:00 BST/09:00 ET. Fresh analysis of this frightening move at 15:30 BST at our panel power of experts in London w/@VJMallet @hannahluci @__ChrisMorris__ Join here https://t.co/5bQSwFOXIn

Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t bluffing w/threats to use tactical nuclear weapons. West’s response must be forceful. As for protests in Russia - let’s be clear. They’re mostly against mobilisation, not against the war in Ukraine - just now on @SkyNews w/ @VanessaBaffoe https://t.co/kKShwJePGh

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