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Eurasian, cares about the planet and loves animals. Racist murders in South Africa must stop #FarmMurder Protect vulnerable minorities in Iraq and Syria 🦚✝
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@TomRtweets @ElbridgeColby It is valid to signal the Russian people that a 'way out' exists if Putin is replaced. Negotiations also risk Ukraine's incredible cohesion and unity. But he could state Russia's maximalist goals - which resemble IS demands for a Caliphate - (not a person) are the spoiler

@Raphfel The impending collapse of British pensions, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse is because no-one was punished for 2008. And Ukraine may yet bring nuclear war because foreign policy gurus were not held accountable for their previous mistakes.

@ElbridgeColby Ukraine has escalated from limited to total war; intra-conflict deterrence was not achieved. A US-Russia war would be the final point of no return, with nuclear weapons also losing their deterrent value Many chances to stop this were missed. There are no attractive choices now

@monicaonairtalk @ElbridgeColby Ukraine has escalated from limited to total war; intra-conflict deterrence was not achieved. If used by Putin, nuclear weapons would lose their deterrent value and become a means of revenge Immediate deterrence (retaliatory options) are needed to avoid this point of no return

@RLHeinrichs That is true, Ukraine has traditional values. But this shows how deviancy in the West either harms allies or drives them away.

@rebekah0132 The West must find the same maturity as the generation who did not destroy the world over Cuba or Hungary during the Cold War. Both the 'Russia is weak, Ukraine will prove they are bluffing!' and 'Russia is strong they will conquer Europe like Hitler!' factions need to rethink

@SharonF25121251 @ElbridgeColby @DrChrisParry Russia's invasion is inexcusable. But are twitter activists willing to get fit and go fight in Ukraine? If the answer is no then they are not ready to burn to death in a nuclear exchange either. So the toothpaste has to be squeezed back in the tube and it will not be pretty

@MarkSteynOnline @LeilaniDowding The Cold War was won, 30 countries were in NATO and all we had to do was enjoy our prosperity. But the Really Clever People wanted the one remaining country that Russia said was off limits and decided Ukraine really needed migrants and lgbt parades. Now we face nuclear war

@MrNashshow @plowmanj3 I'm 100% in support of Ukraine and think Putin is a supremely dangerous mass murderer. Europe becoming energy dependent on him (while refusing to fund their own defense) was madness. As was US progressive strategy to remake Russia in their own image

@MrNashshow @plowmanj3 This is not a fashionable opinion: I was in Ukraine when it was aligned with Russia and it was still very beautiful. The final bill for Obama's policy has not yet arrived - Europe will freeze this winter and Putin is highly likely to use nuclear weapons.

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