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@POTUS I think you have America confused with Ukraine

@MeidasTouch If Trump hadn't demanded NATO members increase their investment in defense this would not have been possible. If Obama had sent Ukraine something more than blankets this would not have happened. If Biden hadn't fucked up the Kabul evacuation this wouldn't have happened

OK, but what about next year? Well, in May the CBO projected $1.6T for next year. What's happened since May? Billions to Ukraine, the passage of the hilarious IRA bill, and a need to restock our military inventory. Yes, everything sent to Ukraine needs to be repurchased.

@LMplusG @briantylercohen @RepJimBanks Odd tweet. No wars under 4 years of Trump. Biden funding the Ukraine side in europe. But somehow we have GOP war mongering? The only war mongering is the assault Biden is pursuing on the Constitution. Yesterday found out we elected an emperor.

So when Biden announces his "loan forgiveness" plan the MSM and Dem toadies will declare this to be the wonder of wonders. Because the law of Unintended Consequences never applies to a government plan. Not that there is any evidence: Afghanistan begets Ukraine, war on ...

Idiocy. Where was he in 2020 when companies were losing tens of billions Ukraine war: UN chief Guterres slams oil and gas firms' 'grotesque greed'

@AAC0519 And here I was thinking it was because of open borders, killing 600000 with 3 Covid vaccines, a senile President, and incompetent Vp, how Afghanistan begat Ukraine, surrender of energy independence, the elimination of competence as a criteria for appointment.

Here is how to stop the war in Ukraine: unleash domestic oil production generating 2M additional barrels a day. The price of oil collapses, Putin no longer making money. Biden鈥檚 attack on the O&G industry is immoral and Ukrainians are dying because of it.

@Jasmine15663 @RealJamesWoods @ecpdba You have a senile old fool in the WH making decisions about a war in Ukraine by himself. That鈥檚 a much bigger 鈥渇law鈥. EOs should be banned.

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