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“The United States would not be able to resupply Taiwan as easily as Ukraine because of the lack of ground routes from neighboring countries.

... because Russia’s assault on Ukraine had made the possibility seem more real, though Chinese leaders have not explicitly stated a timeline for establishing rule over Taiwan.”

“But the effort to transform Taiwan into a weapons depot faces challenges. The United States and its allies have prioritized sending weapons to Ukraine, ...

That route has become politically problematic because of Western sanctions on Russia prompted by President Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine.”

While the world is distracted by the war in Ukraine, China has been improving its armed forces and increasing pressure on Taiwan, the ministry said.

"In Europe, we have been experiencing a big neighbor invading a small neighbor and trying to impose its will with the military force since February 24," he said, referring to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"the final agreement focused mainly on issues like climate change, economic growth and natural disasters. A small section on security contained mostly broad language, and while it specifically condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it made no mention of China."

"It is up to the Human Rights Council, in session until Oct. 7, to decide on any follow-up. Potential options include a mandate to conduct further investigation, which has been done for Russian aggression in Ukraine and many other crises, and to press for accountability."

"The foot dragging hasn’t stopped there. Despite condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and human rights abuses in Myanmar, Iran and elsewhere, the U.N. secretary general, Antonio Guterres, has been largely silent on the Xinjiang report, ...

"That's the same with #Taiwan. Taiwan shows for people in China that it's possible to have an open democracy. And that it's not just a Western thing to have a democracy like that. Many western democracies strengthen the democracy in Ukraine, and so they do with #Taiwan.

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