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In between Sipher and Gabbard lies the truth. Yes, Sipher, DTRA did fund #Ukraine biological safety labs with troubling dual use aspects. No, Gabbard; these were not biological "weapons" labs per se. West must acknowledge varying shades of gray. #peace

Blue checks ganging up on Elon Musk for suggesting peace talks. #Ukraine

It is urgent to return to the draft peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine of late March, based on the non-enlargement of NATO. Today鈥檚 fraught situation can easily spin out of control... yet this time with the possibility of nuclear catastrophe.JSachs https://t.co/PjOCnpl9IT

Highly doubt the mines were laid by state actors. Maritime security contractors >95%. Something this illegal, you need to farm out. #Ukraine #Russia #Germany #NordStream #sabotage

@19_forty_five @drfarls Ukraine would have to treat if we stop weapons flows.

Russian rapper commits #suicide to avoid draft [includes graphic footage of self-harm from another case] #FinalProtest #Ukraine https://t.co/GuXc5Tl4G7

Haven't watched anything this silly since Yatsenyuk got grabbed by the 'nads and yanked out of the Rada! #Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has annexed four regions in south-eastern Ukraine and vowed to use 鈥渁ll the means鈥 at Russia鈥檚 disposal to defend the territory... The annexations are a dramatic attempt to raise the stakes in the conflict by bringing them under Russia鈥檚 nuclear umbrella.-MSeddon

#EU has repeatedly accused #Russia of using gas supplies as a weapon against the West in retaliation for its support for #Ukraine. It is "very obvious" who is behind the damage, said the International Energy Agency head Fatih Birol without elaborating.-BBC https://t.co/0ikMeashPA

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