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@MLeadwood Everything in the world is related, whether you want to hear about it or not. The war in Ukraine affects energy prices. Energy prices affect growth and inflation. Inflation dictates monetary policy. Monetary policy moves markets. All of this affects EVs.

didn’t think russia would invade Ukraine either tho… but I think China’s leadership is to careful and calculating to do something impulsive like that at this juncture

tell him if he invades Ukraine you’re not doing that thing he likes in bed anymore.

tell him if he invades Ukraine you’re not doing that thing he likes in bed anymore.

So you’d rather pay Putin for fossil fuels because clean energy started the Ukraine war? That’s a new one

Chinese exports to Russia of microchips and other electronic components and raw materials, some with military applications, have increased since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine https://t.co/G2XQ0sLIMn

@fullforcetrades To the extent that they really need help I support it but I do wonder if we’re enflaming the conflict by putting Ukraine in the middle of the US and Russia. A diplomatic solution that resulted in a cease fire would feel better to me. But I am naive and know nothing about war.

Shouldn’t we have anticipated this and taken action more quickly once the Russia / Ukraine conflict began and we passed sanctions?

Breaking — Tesla’s PR team has convinced Jerome Powell to stop raising rates, saving the stonk market. Next the PR team will head to Russia to convince Putin to leave Ukraine.

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