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Today, the Biden-Harris Administration authorized the United States’ largest security assistance package for Ukraine so far that will provide a significant amount of additional ammunition, weapons, and equipment as they continue to defend their country.

Today @POTUS, @FLOTUS, @VP and @SecondGentleman met with the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska. The First Lady held a bilateral meeting where she assured First Lady Zelenska that U.S. support for Ukraine is comprehensive, enduring, and focused on the Ukrainian people.

.@POTUS concluded his meetings with G7 leaders in Germany, where they held a summit to discuss a range of global issues – including support for Ukraine, the food and energy crisis caused by Russia's war, and advancing shared values on the climate, infrastructure, and more.

President Biden met with G7 leaders and President Zelenskyy to continue delivering on their support for Ukraine – issuing significant commitments including new sanctions that will hold President Putin accountable and further intensify economic measures against Russia.

As day two of the G7 progresses, President Biden remains focused on strengthening America's global alliances to benefit the American people, supporting Ukraine and holding Russia accountable, and staying focused on challenges that will define coming decades.

With the biggest single driver of inflation being Putin’s war against Ukraine, @POTUS has taken action to blunt the impact of Putin’s Price Hike for families.

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