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“US Congress has reached an agreement to provide an additional $12 Billion to Ukraine

"America and its allies will respond decisively to any use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine"

Russian source on Lyman "Fierce fighting continues near Liman. The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to advance in the village of Drobyshevo and bypass it from the north, going to the rear of the defenders of the specified settlement"

"In addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine recaptured positions south of Bakhmut, from which they had to retreat some time ago."

Ukraine needs more weapons now! Tanks Fighters APC MLRS Heavy artillery Do not let the warriors die pointlessly! Please continue awareness and pressure!

“Russia reportedly could draft up to 1 million reservists for its war against Ukraine, classified clause of mobilisation decree”

Recent POW swaps results: 200 Azovstal defenders for Medvedchuk 5 Azovstal commanders for 50+ Russian POWs and 10 foreign fighters fighting for Ukraine in Mariupol.

HIMARS get much of the credit but don't forget M270 MLRS. M270s are working constantly around the frontlines in Ukraine hitting frontline and behind line key positions. https://t.co/WQgjHHLw5I

300 Russian soldiers were killed in combat yesterday in Ukraine.

A clear indicator that things are not going well for Russian forces in Ukraine.

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