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9) @StaceyPlaskett then claims that “The American People have so many much more important issues, they want us to look at the shiny object”. The “important issues” she is referring to are: -sending all your money to Ukraine -getting vaccinated -mutilating/grooming your children

Trump is in position to become the global peacemaker. Trump has no crimes or assets to cover up in Ukraine. Trump can make a deal, because Trump has nothing to hide. Biden CANNOT make a deal, because he is covering up Deep State crimes against humanity. He’s a dead man walking.

@jakeshieldsajj Biolabs in Ukraine not existing. Then they admitted the labs existed but they were peaceful. Then they admitted the labs were studying the world’s most dangerous pathogens, and they are owned by the Biden family, and Putin accused them of making bioweapons.

The same people who lied and withheld the truth about J6, do the exact same thing about every major media narrative. They lie about: -C19 -mRNA shots -Ukraine -Russia -Trump -Everything At what point do we address the repeated and consistent patterns of dishonesty and deceit?

@LearnThinkVote @RobMcNealy @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump The irony 😂 You think Trump thanking China’s efforts for stopping the virus mean Trump is complicit, but the Biden family literally own Biolabs in Ukraine working on Covid-19 before it leaked, and you don’t see this as proof of complicity? Do you want to purchase a bridge?

@LearnThinkVote @RobMcNealy @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump What did you prove? What biolab company does Trump own in Ukraine? What gain of function research is he covering up? Trump thanking Xi in a speech proves… nothing 😂 Let me guess you have never heard of Metabiota?

@RobMcNealy @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Let’s not pretend like this was Trump’s fault. The Trump family aren’t the ones who own Biolab companies in Ukraine studying bat viruses with EcoHealth Alliance and Labyrinth Global Health. Trump’s adversaries made the weapon, outside the purview of oversight, in Ukraine.

@RealGeorgeWebb1 This guy is pushing that we are PSYOP assets all because he is concerned about his book sales and movie deals. If we are drawing too much buzz about Ukraine, it diverts attention away from his book and upcoming movie about Wuhan. He has a financial incentive to destroy us.

Holy shit… You guys… @AGHuff literally just said that he thinks I’m leading a PSYOP because some unnamed people that he SUSPECTED to be Russian agents, approached him in the past asking about the biolabs in Ukraine. He said: “Muh Russia!” With zero proof… 😂 my goodness

@_siaubas_ @jakeofranko @AGHuff I’m saying we don’t know. But we DO know, that the US were studying C19 in Ukraine before the official outbreak. And both Russia and China say C19 was trafficked to Wuhan from there. And given the fact that the US have lied about everything thus far… That’s what I’m saying.

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