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Sends $40 BILLION in tax payer dollars to Ukraine. Can't even take care of infrastructure at home ... 馃ぁ 馃寧 https://t.co/bdWx0aoLtK

Footage of the wreckage site from the Two missiles that fell in Poland (NATO member), near the border with Ukraine. At least two people lost their lives. 馃毃 馃攰 https://t.co/lLD40xdaEM

Will NATO invoke article 5 for this unprovoked attack on Poland by Ukraine?

The border between Poland and Ukraine is about 500+ miles away from any of the fighting. Any missiles would have to be WAY off course for that to happen. My first impression is that this probably didn't happen. We will see. https://t.co/t4eA23ZunQ

@elonmusk @mtaibbi We found the connection between the politicians, Ukraine and FTX 馃敟 馃攬 music 馃ぁ 馃寧 https://t.co/VNjKBlX6yV

We have video of the Ukraine, FTX and political cycle. 馃攬 music 馃敟 馃槀 Credit @TomboStocks https://t.co/VNjKBlX6yV

"Inflation is a worldwide problem right now because of a war in Iraq.. excuse me, the war in Ukraine. I'm thinking about Iraq because that's where my son died.." 馃毃 HUH?!!? Biden's son, Beau Biden, actually died in Maryland of brain cancer. 馃攰sound ...馃槹 https://t.co/gH39mxbHvz

Everything is fine ...... 馃敟 馃敟 馃敟 Russia ends Ukraine grain deal allowing exports. https://t.co/XYXD9Gbc1r

This is about to get ugly ... 馃敟 馃敟 馃敟 Russia is blocking grain exports from Ukraine again. https://t.co/jZLkfkPUtP

@elonmusk @KimDotcom @Twitter You deserve to get paid for Starlink services in Ukraine. That is perfectly reasonable. If the USA govt is going to fund this war and insist on zero negotiations, they should pay the full costs. Invoice them.

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