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Ursula von der Leyen
President of the @EU_Commission. Mother of seven. Brussels-born. European by heart. 馃嚜馃嚭
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90 years after the Holodomor, our thoughts are with Ukraine as it mourns and remembers, on this day when we came together to fight hunger around the world with President @ZelenskyyUa鈥檚 #GrainfromUkraine initiative. https://t.co/jydMzAkvAg

90 years after the Holodomor, the Kremlin is again using food as a weapon. We stand with Ukraine to guarantee global food security. Under President @ZelenskyyUa's Grain from Ukraine initiative, the @EU_Commission will pay to ship 40,000 tons of Ukrainian grain via two boats. https://t.co/YGMxiIVRND

The @EU_Commission is disbursing a further 鈧2.5 billion for Ukraine. We are planning 鈧18 billion for 2023, with funding disbursed regularly. For urgent repairs and fast recovery leading to a successful reconstruction. We will keep on supporting 馃嚭馃嚘 for as long as it takes. https://t.co/X2bVI5PKe9

Congratulations @jokowi for a successful #G20 summit. The leading economies are tackling global challenges - food security and energy, climate change, debt relief. G20 leaders called for an end to Russia鈥檚 war - while Putin unleashed countless missiles against Ukraine. https://t.co/kjiyzySXVI

While G20 leaders were meeting and calling for the war to end, Russia conducted massive strikes against Ukraine. With G7 and NATO partners, we condemn these brutal acts. We also offer full support to Poland and assistance with the investigation on the explosion at the border. https://t.co/gohB25y1et

馃嚜馃嚭馃嚡馃嚨 Excellent meeting with @kishida230 ahead of the G20 summit, taking place in time of crises. Our strategic interests are strongly aligned, both in Europe and East Asia. We agree that nuclear threats are unacceptable. We will continue supporting Ukraine. https://t.co/yy6Mq9gXZv

Dear @ZelenskyyUa, you can count on the EU鈥檚 solidarity with Ukraine for as long as it takes. Our Solidarity Lanes keep Ukraine connected to the world now. And they are bringing Ukraine鈥檚 economy closer to the EU, in the long-term.

I鈥檓 very happy to be in Moldova. You can count on 馃嚜馃嚭 support. Both as 馃嚥馃嚛 continues to courageously face the hardships caused by Russia鈥檚 war on Ukraine and in your determined reform efforts to progress on the path to EU membership. Your future is in the EU. https://t.co/iur06GK7cD

The EU continues to stand in solidarity with Ukraine. We propose an 鈧18 billion support package for 2023. Funding in regular tranches to help recovery in the short-term and strengthen institutions. Preparing the ground for a reconstruction of 馃嚭馃嚘 progressing on the EU path.

Good first meeting with Prime Minister @RishiSunak in the margins of #COP27 We face many common challenges, from tackling climate change and the energy transition to Russia鈥檚 war against Ukraine. I look forward to a constructive 馃嚜馃嚭馃嚞馃嚙cooperation based on our agreements. https://t.co/TeInbLKVSn

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