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News about Volodymyr Zelenskyy at http://Volodymyr.com. Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦
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@NikaMelkozerova Nika, please keep us updated on Yermak. My worst fears have come true in Ukraine!

I’m not a supporter of Spartz’s politics but that doesn’t mean she’s wrong on Ukraine. “Victoria Spartz Deserves a Real Argument on Ukrainehttps://t.co/H6mCHbCI3i

Zelensky hasn't responded. His ministers: "it's not our issue; it's US issue." How arrogant. (1) The issue is brought up by a Ukrainian American who visited Ukraine 6x since invasion. (2) She voted for billions $, weapons for Ukraine. (3) Still unresolved 2 yrs despite protests.

Spartz isn’t interfering anymore than the Ukrainians who protested against Yermak before the invasion. It’s those same Ukrainians she met in Ukraine who prompted her to voice her concerns via her US office. It must be heard, not be ignored!

So go beyond pigeonholing people. That’s intellectually dishonest and lazy. It’s clear via her votes, Spartz truly cares about Ukraine/Ukrainians. She questions Zelenskyy on why Yermak and his deputy are still in power. Ukrainians told her that because they have the same concern!

Born in Ukraine, Spartz visited Ukraine 6 times since the invasion, talking w/ Ukrainians going through hell. She was first to call Putin “crazy, criminal.” She proposed Americans to fight in Ukraine. She proposed less red tape for aid to Ukraine. Her actions speak volumes.

@Cynthia95001250 So you’re taking your chances with Yermak, #2 in Ukraine? The same guy that Richard Moore, the head of British MI6, said was a russian spy, had ties to russian businesses, retaliated against a whistleblower, selling gov jobs, and other crooked dealings. Spartz isn’t even close.

@ResisTcomiprop @CaptainWood1983 I know, right? It’s just a lame excuse to grab land and resources in Ukraine. But the evil russians are paying a dear price. https://t.co/44Kon1Sin8

Therefore, this is Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s next big moral test. He passed the first big moral test by staying in Kyiv on February 24. Can he pass this one, to go against his old friend for the sake of his nation? Regardless, Ukraine will move on to a better future. Slava Ukraini!

America’s willing to overlook corruption if it means saving civilian lives. But Zelenskyy refuses to take down that corruption, hence Spartz’s complaint. She’s the first to call russians “criminals” before Biden. She voted for $40 billion bill. She cares about Ukraine, like me.

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