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+20 лет назад уехала из России, гражданка Германии. Против моли и за Украину. Полезное для 🇺🇦: https
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@milityking @IAPonomarenko What consequences, are they going to bomb Ukraine? Oh no!.. No, wait. They are bombing them every day already. 😏

An interesting comparison: on the left are the statistics of the words with 'fascist' in it in the Pravda newspaper from 1938 to 1942, on the right is the usage of 'nazism' I Russian press in connection with Ukraine recently.

My current observation from troll monitoring: Additionally to their usual 'Nazis this, Bandera that' nonsense, they are vehemently claiming Ukraine 'has lost'. 🙄 As if trying to discourage us, its supporters. 😝 If we read it in reverse, the 🇷🇺 situation is shit then, I suppose.

Pavlograd, Donetsk region, Ukraine. Another strike. 💔 The rescuers are on site. The authorities ask everyone not to share any videos or pictures of the explosion. The official announcement will follow soon.

Well, I know only one other person publicly demonstrating he thinks his academic title 'professor' should be spelled with two letters 'f'. The infamous 'Proffesor' Yanukovich, the pro-Russian ex-president of Ukraine. 😏 So, doing a side job at a trolling farm now, poor guy? 🤭 https://t.co/wfZEjwCI2H

The mayor of Dagestanskie Ogni, 🇷🇺, regarding the fresh graves of coming back soldiers: 'They've returned but died... Due to their state of health.' But they didn't die in Ukraine, so everything is fine, folks, nothing to see her, just go on with your life. 😏

@emse1975 Like, a 🇺🇦 missile but totally accidental? Interesting. 🤔 I've already seen the version with Ukraine intentionally shooting at the mall during the G7 summit to ask for more weapons - should have made a screenshot of that manifesto of disgust. 🤬

@22_mike_r @I_Katchanovski Yeah, no objective in invading Ukraine either, but Russia did it, amirite? 😏 See, that's quite an easy thing - logical thinking, you can certainly do it. One day for sure. Maybe not even after decades, but that's questionable indeed. 🤔

@TomUnknown21 @keletkert They are - without a second thought - parroting the 🇷🇺 propaganda narrative about Ukraine being full of Nazis or a Nazi state, a out Donbass being allegedly constantly shelled for 8 years, about alleged civil war in Ukraine instead of a 🇷🇺 war of aggression etc.

Wow, communists and AfD members, suddenly united by their hate of Ukraine. Or Russian money. Don't even know which would be more despicable. 🤦‍♀️

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