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@pawn_en_passant @LucyGatsby Yes we do know Ukraine is spreading petal mines, fm journalists on the ground 馃檮 its impossible to deny unless you are dishonest. Genocide has also obliquely been admitted by various UA officials - since 2014. Look up definition of genocide, UA persecution of Donbass qualifies

@Lucy_simplyLucy @mazzenilsson Do you understand how easily a nuclear explosion could be set off? If you listened to the interview you would know that #Ukraine was preparing a dirty bomb & that UA missiles have landed 300m from Nuclear reactor.

I interview independent journalist George Eliason based in Donbass for shocking insight into the predatory nature of NATO member states. @gheliason #Ukraine #NATO

Nobody seems to be taking seriously the very real threat of #Zelensky being given green light by #NATO lunatics to strike a Nuclear reactor & blame #Russia. If not prevented we are on a crash course to oblivion, people of #Donbass first in line. #Ukraine

Excellent video produced by French animation company (if anyone knows name please let me know) Zelensky is a #NATO glove puppet. #Ukraine

"Ukrainian-destroyed grain storage in Sievierodonetsk region. Western media don't report Ukraine's crimes, instead fabricating stories about Russia... Ukraine's war crimes are unending." @EvaKBartlett ON THE GROUND.

Yemen and Palestine Resistance have demonstrated failure of US Air Defence systems, now #Ukraine is showing up failure of anti-tank weapons. HIMARS have not prevented #Russia advance despite hype. #US 'military supremacy' is exposed as a facade.

"#Ukraine Army flooded the coal mines on their side of the line creating an eco-disaster. Most of the mines can't be reclaimed, poisoning the water supply. This could result in sinkholes forming under cities and neighborhoods collapsing." George Eliason #Donbass @gheliason

The #Amnestyinternational inter departmental squabbling is an orchestrated side-show to distract fm #Ukraine #Zelensky #Azov war crimes & failure to carry through #NATO agenda: From @EvaKBartlett in Donbass

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