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The pursuit of peace and progress, with its trials and its errors, its successes and its setbacks, c
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@EHSANI221 Hahaha you seriously think that's where Western taxes go? #Ukraine is getting lions share right now, before #Syria #AlQaeda etc.

@KleinBuchholzer I would love to agree with you but I can't. The huge majority of Western publics swallowed the Western media narratives on #Syria & cheered on the "rebel" slaughter of Syrian people. Same with #Ukraine "rah, go Nazis"

Clearly #Zelensky wants his own Oscar! Zelensky, speaking before the US Congress, said that he "does not ask American soldiers to fight for Ukraine" because Ukrainian security forces "can operate American tanks themselves"..馃槒

@ProudUkrLeb @ukcolumn Did you read the article or do you deny the existence of Nazis in the world and concentrated in Ukraine. If you do, there's no point in having a discussion.

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