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Vice President Kamala Har
Vice President of the United States. Wife to the first @SecondGentleman. Momala. Auntie. Fighting for the people.
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Disruptions from the pandemic, Russia鈥檚 war in Ukraine, and the climate crisis have put pressure on global food prices and led to food shortages. Addressing food insecurity remains a priority for our Administration, and we鈥檝e committed $28 million in assistance to the Caribbean.

It was an honor to join @POTUS, @FLOTUS and the @SecondGentleman in welcoming First Lady Olena Zelenska of Ukraine to the White House. She embodies the bravery and resilience of the Ukrainian people, whom we will continue to stand with and support.

I had the honor of swearing in Ambassador Bridget Brink as our next Ambassador to Ukraine. Ambassador Brink鈥檚 service comes at an important time as the United States remains firm in its support for the people of Ukraine.

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