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Army 68W Veteran's Widow, Christian, Artist, and Mother just trying to make it through life.
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@LakotaMan1 Read the bills. So many want to jump on the bandwagon of complaints yet so many inclu elected, don't bother to. Lots of pork of your tax $ is being put into things while they lie to your face. Why does Ukraine need more $ than FL? Jackson? Puerto Rico? Veterans bill? 馃嚭馃嚘 $ too? https://t.co/CScBlChWv4

@Booker4KY We're grateful he read it as apparently you didn't or if you did; you wouldn't be saying this. Why should Ukraine get MORE $ than FL? Puerto Rico? Can you answer that? So who's side are you on? Ukraine or Americans that you're lying to? https://t.co/gtXIhablIN

@LindseyGrahamSC Explain why we're supporting 馃嚭馃嚘 again & be sure to tell all you've been planning this for several years. Also, why did our elected officials lie to us and change the narrative on Ukraine? We pay YOUR salary. https://t.co/j6B0rIdDol

@RepValDemings So you voted for Ukraine to have more $ than our own American hurricane victims? This means you either didn't read the bill or you read it and screwed over the victims by voting for it. I'm going to go with the latter.

@JackpotWinner1 @DrGJackBrown Maybe those who say similar should actually take time to read bill. Why would a hurricane relief bill have billions for Ukraine? Less for FL?Why would a Veterans bill also have same. Less money for both but sure...let's get mad at Republicans for voting against it.

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