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LOVER OF RASOOL. DEATH TERRIFIES ME. I'm probably not the person you think I am. You read books, I r
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Look at how the apartheid state of Israel are killing innocent children in Gaza but the world's attention is on Ukraine because they're Europeans and have blue eyes. May God grant victory to the Muslims. May God grant victory to the oppressed. https://t.co/BEry6Z9Q5u

@LyutaPotvora @apmassaro3 Lmao. Ukraine only do what Washington command them to do. Puppet county.

Ukraine are fighting people who tame wild bears馃ぃ

If Ukraine weren't armed by NATO, they wouldn't last 48 hours against Russia. Comedian turned puppet president 馃槶

Before the beginning of Putin's special military operation in Ukraine, I didn't know Western countries are this over reliant on Russia.

They should've thought about this before coming to Ukraine and fight Russia. They already signed their death warrant. American pigs.

If you follow history, you would know America and it's allies are the causative agents of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Putin kept warning them since 2008. It's very likely the war will escalate to nuclear.

Ukraine will trade territory for peace with Russia. Da suka ce basaji馃馃樄

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