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@Mark05822657 @zooleyka @blackintheempir And why would that not change if (when) Ukraine joins NATO? It’s hypocrisy pure & simple. Solomon Islands? Again, hypocrisy. The US ‘won’t rule out military action’. And they have the temerity to suggest other countries are bullies lol

@AnarchoTerran @DPRKJones Obviously you look at these issues on a case by case basis. Do I disagree with some Western led ‘interventions’ & sanctions? Absolutely. The two aren’t mutually exclusive either. The West are intervening both militarily & fiscally in Ukraine for instance

@cm191993 @mtracey Ok but I’m not sure how appeasement encourages nuclear war as you claimed. It may encourage an aggressor to claim more territory but that isn’t necessarily the same. The only question is where you draw the line. I don’t think 4 districts of Ukraine are worth Armageddon.

@MikeMorenilla @cm191993 @mtracey Well if it wasn’t US foreign policy what was it? Even you must see the contradictions in US reaction to Putin annexing parts of Ukraine & Israel annexing the Golan Heights for instance? https://t.co/5qumLqd42b

@gooneybird96 @bing_dicklepuss @caitoz 1) He hasn’t got the armed forces necessary to do that 2) I don’t think he would attack a de jure NATO member, he can’t take all of NATO on 3)He has prioritised Ukraine over eg Finland due to the % of ethnic Russians living there.

@gooneybird96 @bing_dicklepuss @caitoz Which is maybe why the Russians wouldn’t want NATO in Ukraine, no? Flying time/distance? Same reason US didn’t want the nukes on Cuba? NATO on Russian borders is just passive aggressive behaviour.

@gooneybird96 @bing_dicklepuss @caitoz It doesn’t matter if they were complying or not. The terms were too harsh & countries will get sick of those terms. Russian repatriations for Ukraine? When are the US going to start *proper* repatriations for the trail of destruction they leave around the world?

@gooneybird96 @bing_dicklepuss @caitoz Well, there were precursors to Cuba 1962 just as there were precursors to 2022 Ukraine.

@bing_dicklepuss @gooneybird96 @caitoz ‘Ukraine posed no threat to Russia’ https://t.co/uZeauKZDCi Depends what you constitute a threat. ‘Defence’ can be considered a threat if it can potentially neuter Russian missiles.

@bing_dicklepuss @gooneybird96 @caitoz Ukraine was an eternity from joining NATO? I don’t agree, NATO has been in Ukr since 2014 training troops. Pretty much a de facto member I’d say if not de jure

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