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I took this name when I realized a journalist had been brutally murdered and a US president was cove
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"Russia has started a new kind of hybrid world war. It decided that information, energy and food were military instruments put at the service of a continental imperialist war against Ukraine."

In a village in northern Ukraine that was devastated by Russian occupation only months ago, a techno party is in full swing. In a bombed-out building, more than 200 young people have found a novel way to help rebuild their country.

鈥淭his is one of the reasons why it is so essential that we tough it out on Ukraine 鈥 and we help the Ukrainians to win, or at least negotiate from a significant position of strength. It鈥檚 because Xi Jinping is watching this like a hawk.鈥

U.K.鈥檚 top spy: We have to win in Ukraine because China is watching like a hawk Richard Moore of MI6 also said an estimate of 15,000 Russians killed so far is 鈥渃onservative,鈥 and that 400 Russian intel officers have been expelled from Western Europe.

I find myself thinking this frequently, but thank God Biden was @POTUS when Russia started its war against Ukraine. Ukraine would not have had the friend in the US that it does now. America under Trump would've either been indifferent, or actively siding with the attacker Russia.

I hope everyone will read and share this thread about what Russia is doing in Ukraine and how we need to view it.

"Patrick Byrne, one of several men once in an intimate relationship with convicted Russian agent Marina Butina. Byrne gave money to Butina after her return to Russia, where she ran for the Duma, hounded Navalny, and supported the invasion of Ukraine," Strzok continued.

"One gets the impression that Scholz is sitting out the Ukraine war. Do as little as possible and always bring up the same phrases to resist the pressure to change. All the arguments for more guns and better sanctions bounce off a complacent government."

"Operation Angst aims to weaken German support for Ukraine; and to put Germany in a position where it is willing to do almost anything to keep Russia supplying gas."

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