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UN 🇺🇳 High Commissioner for Human Rights @volker_turk expressed his shock over unabated human suffering in #Ukraine 🇺🇦 as Russian missile and drone strikes against critical infrastructure continue on a broad scale. 📖 Read more:https://t.co/LQFtzwOf9n https://t.co/ywsPJbGdAQ

“Since February, aid workers have provided critical aid and protection services to some 13.5 million people across all regions of Ukraine🇺🇦” - @Steph_Tremblay 🇺🇳UN & partners are continuing to reach people impacted by the war with life-saving assistance. https://t.co/qHWfaAHjpf https://t.co/K188VOuFSc

UPDATE: @antonioguterres warmly welcomes the announcement from the Russian Federation 🇷🇺 on its resumed participation in the implementation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative to facilitate the safe navigation for exports of grain, foodstuffs and fertilizer from Ukraine 🇺🇦.

#ClimateChange is intensifying food insecurity across sub-Saharan Africa, where war in Ukraine and the pandemic are also adding to food shortages. A new @imfnews policy paper examines how financial policies can reduce this damage and help countries adapt. https://t.co/LfJP8w72yJ https://t.co/liVcMoz6PN

100 million people had been forcibly displaced worldwide by May 2022. The numbers are projected to increase along with the widening repercussions of the war in Ukraine. Read more in @UNDESA’s #SDGreport 2022: https://t.co/IvlS0laGEB #Agenda2030 https://t.co/l6FITp8blt

Gilbert F. Houngbo, new @ILO chief, in an exclusive interview 🎙️with ONU-Info Genève, discusses his priorities, the idea of ​​a new Global Social Contract, consequences of the invasion of Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic on the world of work & more. ➡️https://t.co/1XuXiRthdY https://t.co/OZWIHCoMMP

Experts of the #CEDAW Committee commend Ukraine 🇺🇦 for achievements in #GenderEquality, raise questions on conflict-based sexual violence. More in our meeting summary: https://t.co/ttnkooIOC3 https://t.co/ktIC9QASHz

The Independent Commission of Inquiry on #Ukraine 🇺🇦 presented its first written report to the 🇺🇳 General Assembly, which concludes that there are reasons to believe “an array” of war crimes and violations of international human rights been committed. ➡️ https://t.co/yXIV4Ba3CA https://t.co/AUTXXdxT6E

The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on #Ukraine has found reasonable grounds to conclude that an array of war crimes, violations of human rights and international humanitarian law have been committed in Ukraine. Full report: https://t.co/rd80b3NaUv https://t.co/QcOap6w0Pt

🔹 Devastating impact of continued hostilities on civilians in Ethiopia 🔹Protests in Iran 🔹War in Ukraine 🔹Hunger in Somalia Spokespersons from @UNICEF, @UNOCHA, @Refugees & @UNHumanRights briefed the press this morning at @UNGeneva. Read our summary👉https://t.co/72WMIs7a1B https://t.co/SzKJuN0NUW

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