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The initiative of the President of Ukraine @ZelenskyyUa The main venue for collecting charitable d
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They also visited the neighborhood where buildings will be restored under the Rebuild Ukraine program. @jksheva7 and @usykaa also joined them online. Thanks to all of you for supporting Ukraine 馃挍馃挋馃挍馃挋 https://t.co/soyaHOwanT

She discussed not touching a racket for 7 months, the power supply situation in her native Odesa, @Wimbledon鈥檚 support and, of course, about aiding Ukraine. Read the interview in full: https://t.co/H39bnoFJHi Support Elina's fundraiser for generators: https://t.co/XLrjKL5RXV

Generators purchased under @LievSchreiber鈥檚 campaign #LightUpUkraine are already being delivered to hospitals in Ukraine.聽 You can read how Liev describes russia's "dark" tactics of attacking Ukraine's power infrastructure in the @Forbes article: https://t.co/WijBLYdq0U https://t.co/hW56g2xOD5

The tankers are designed to carry a large volume of fuel, which allows the military to replenish stocks on time and in large volumes at once. You can support Ukraine's defence here: https://t.co/RkXiOxDLi0

Three fuel trucks are already helping Ukraine鈥檚 defenders, thanks to your donations to the Defence and Demining program. Here are some facts about these special vehicles馃憞馃徑 #united24 #defence https://t.co/TzTejVrHgH

@NAFO_Argentina Let us assure you the content on this page is 100% produced in Ukraine

Tickets range from 10 to 500 euros, and all funds will be transferred to the Rebuild Ukraine program via #united24. Thank you for the support! Together we will rebuild Ukraine, and everyone will be able to come and visit us! Buy a charity ticket here: https://t.co/ClZ6m3ptDI

Tickets to Ukraine are already on sale! That's right! Through the WAYTOUA project, you can buy a virtual ticket to any city in Ukraine for August 24, 2023, when Ukraine will celebrate its 32nd Independence Day馃憞 https://t.co/1HkDDVw7UX

You can buy a hoodie (international shipping available) and support the #Light Up Ukraine initiative here: https://t.co/7c37jQS5Hy

"On social media, I follow a Ukrainian minister who helps develop our country and he announced the creation of UNITED24 platforms in May 2022, an initiative that was set up by President Zelenskyy to rebuild the houses in Ukraine."

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