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In 2009 I walked thru the eerily silent streets of Chernobyl & saw firsthand what’s left of the nuclear disaster. There’s danger of an even more devastating nuclear disaster at Zaporizhzhia. Russia & Ukraine must immediately demilitarize the area & allow IAEA in, for world safety

Biden/Harris and the bipartisan Washington elite continue to impoverish Americans & ppl around the world & risk nuclear war to “protect democracy, defeat autocracy” in Ukraine. But Ukraine’s president continues to prove democracy is dead in Ukraine by silencing dissenters … https://t.co/FQoD9Gq9tB

Shameless. Business as usual. Democracy? This is the standard by which the Washington elite of both parties consider Ukraine, one of the most corrupt countries in the world, a democracy. https://t.co/MopLUhN2Cb

Our leaders are spending billions of taxpayer dollars on a war with no clear objective. Have they already forgotten the trillions spent in Afghanistan? Here’s an article I wrote with @DanielLDavis1 about the harsh realities of the war in Ukraine. https://t.co/qirafjflRt

(1/6) Every time this Admin has been asked what the goal of our war with Russia is, using Ukrainians as our proxy, (i.e. how will we know when victory is achieved?) they’ve dodged the question by declaring the president of Ukraine will make that decision & the U.S. will follow...

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