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Tim Valder Tressum from H酶ybr氓ten, Norway. Arrived in Ukraine in March, claims not be fighting but is clearly pictured armed with his squad. Goes by BanderaViking, this rich boy loves the life of travelling and guns it seems.

Eight days ago, Chris Naganuma from Arvada, Colorado, US, arrived to Ukraine He came to visit US mercenary team called FOG - Task Force 31 and is there now as a combat journalis Naganuma is ex US infantry and is currently taking pictures and training with that US mercenary team

Gene Smith from Nampa, Idaho, America. He's ex USAF, Went to Ukraine to lose weight, seemed he only lost his fellow comrades, Scott Sibley. He also lost his fight whilst in Ukraine, joining Mike Dunn's unit, he was video'ed fleeing, after which Kenneth..

Problem for them is that those civilians are mostly pro Russia. Brian loves to pose with his rifle so claims that he is just helping civilians evacuate is utter bullshit. Bryan is still in that area with International Legion of Ukraine.

Joseph McDonald, mercenary from Liverpool UK. McDonald came to Ukraine in Early April 2022 and stayed there until October 2022. He was with International Legion of Ukraine in Kharkov and Lugansk regions. Before he fled back home he Got a medal from Narco clown puppet from Kiev

His Group is operating somewhere in Kharkov - Donbas direction. Evgeniy Gromadski was also awarded by Zelenskiy with a medal Hero of Ukraine. Torturers are awarded by Ukrainian government.

Andrew Cavalcante from Capanema, Par谩, Brazil. Former member of the Brazilian Air Force found himself in Ukraine around August. He seems to be fighting with Int Legion early in Kharkov, now Karpatska Sich and around Krasny Liman as of recent.

Friends of recently sunflowered mercano Simon Lingard has also posted another RIP post to another fairly unknown individual, he might not have died in Ukraine and maybe died of heroin overdose in the UK, but chances are he is now a sunflower and served with his friends.

Joseph Hildebrand, 33, mercenary from Canada, was killed on November 6th, 2022 near #Artemovsk (Bakhmut). 9 out of 12 members of his unit were also killed during an operation in the city that day. Wagner opera served them to Bandera. Hildebrand came to Ukraine in June 2022.

Before Jay came to Ukraine he participated in Black Lives Matter protests as armed thug. There is no firm information about when je came to Ukraine but Jay mentions June 2022 so he probably came then.

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