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@pjd77420 @Hoked_Ly @StephenRehm1 @UliSpreitzer @MikeHeffNZ Russia will not be moved. For that to happen 1 of 2 things would need to come into play - NATO becoming actively engaged on the ground. The west propping up Ukraine with trillions of dollars. Neither will happen. Rus has already won the long game.

@Mark05822657 @blackintheempir *You're* a clown - US led NATO is fighting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

@idkwidlool @Be_Safe79 @BBCWorld Errrr they're mercenaries!? Ex soldiers a lot of them, being paid to fight for Ukraine. Flower it up all you like but that's a fact.

@FoxNews Why, so Ukraine can turn the power off to Russian occupied territories? Dont be silly! It's like the world asking US to leave N Syria and stop stealing oil, Israel to leave Palestine and free the people there........................oh wait!馃馃馃馃

@GonzaloLira1968 Hes not too fussed with irradiating Ukraine, he'll retire shortly to one of his multi million dollar properties in the US or UK, possibly Israel. His US/UK tax dollars in the Cayman Islands will secure his future. Oh and future Vogue shoots and 'How I beat Putin' autobiography.

@guardian He doesn't care, he knows his time is drawing near - he can irradiate Ukraine because he can move to one of his multi million dollar properties in the US/UK or Israel to spend his Ill-gotten gains of US/UK taxpayers money washed and sitting in the Cayman Islands.

@TomTugendhat Very convenient to blame Putin/Ukraine. This all started way before. After all, Crimea was annexed in 2014/15? How many more lives does this country have to give following US foreign policy? Now we sit on the brink with Russia because the US couldn't deal with Afghanistan.

@Telegraph Utter garbage. One day you say Russia are going to remake the USSR. The next day you say Russia are spent and have lost in Ukraine. Your guttersnipe journalism is disgraceful.

@GBNEWS Wow! GB News - are you looking at the replies here - nearly all are against anymore interference in a foreign war. 2 sovereign nations have gone toe to toe - nothing to do with us. We think enough money has been washed through Ukraine. Not in my name.

@GonzaloLira1968 Russia need to up the ante in western Ukraine. No other option. Nobody wants that - but another Chernobyl? Won't affect the US will it, just its 'friends' in Europe. Take the war to those that commit these attacks - as brutal as that sounds. War is hell.

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