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Timothy Murphy
Healthcare innovation, creative medical technologies, board-certified interventional radiologist, CEO.
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@VicD04966674 @gruntaz2003 @weirdterrifying You may not have noticed, but NATO has no intention of letting Ukraine be defeated.

@gruntaz2003 @weirdterrifying You have Democrats as friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Democrats are Americans, and are everywhere in America. Maybe you mean Russians invading Ukraine?

Why isn't Kyle Rittenhouse fighting in Ukraine?

@MarcLobliner Russia: "Stick 'em up! Give me your wallet or I'll shoot!" Ukraine: "I won't give you my wallet!" Russia: BANG!! @MarcLobliner: Ukraine is at fault!

@Donaldreese81 @Murphy99923916 That's not what he said. I love supporting Ukraine while they destroy Russia's army.

@Gerashchenko_en I guess Ukraine just got themselves bombed. So sorry that they made Russia commit atrocities against them.

@LouTurner26 @ranaway22337105 @Murphy99923916 So you're saying the invasion of Ukraine, a peaceful country with a democratically elected government, was morally justified? What about the bombing of civilians, child rape and kidnapping, stealing of washing machines, etc.?

@TreasChest The acrobatics were fair, the martial arts comical. They know Ukraine has precision guided artillery, Javelins, and HIMARS, right?

@ZelenskyyUa @RishiSunak Should Ukraine vote to annex Russia, since Kyiv is the original capital? Say Russia is a rogue republic run by Nazis, and needs to be brought under Kyiv's control to provide freedom from oppression for all Russian citizens. Could be useful propaganda and help destabilize Russia?

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