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@haleewalsh86 @DanielleDorian @Daniel_Vitale_ @healingthrulyfe @ingrid45640 @mikepompeo @SpeakerPelosi But Russia is rolling into a totalitarian sect, and the state of Russia is a threat both to the inhabitants of Ukraine and to its inhabitants themselves. Almost like any state, but the US is much freer.

@CJLemontea @lievereenkoekje @NobodyK83030025 @RALee85 "Ukraine could have simply just agreed to never join NATO"鈥 after Crimea theft? And even if Ukraine would accept the conditions, how can Putin raise his ratings in Russia, except of war?

@CJLemontea @NobodyK83030025 @lievereenkoekje @RALee85 Russia also deserves many for attacking Ukraine. Deserves much more. For example cuties Tomahawks.

@CJLemontea @AshShor @RALee85 But also Ukraine attacked some plants in Russia factories that are not the fact that they worked for the military. As Russia did too, I think.

@clearevidence @GBarchie @LPNational "Recognize Russia's legitimate security concerns" 鈥 NATO literally only now recognized Russia as threat... Before Russia Crimea's theft they didn't care about Russia. And what they should to do? Recognize Russian invasion as legitimate? Ukraine should be neutral?

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