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Ukraine, Finland and Nato - A Warning to the People of Finland via @FacebookWatch

Ukraine & the CIA, What Games are Being Played w_ Larry Johnson via @FacebookWatch

Poland CLAMPS down on free speech as Polish people speak out against Ukraine war - Redacted News via @FacebookWatch

Here's wh0 is REALLY winning the w-a--r in Ukraine via @FacebookWatch

Gonzalo Lira and Scott Ritter on The Battle of the Donbas in Ukraine via @FacebookWatch

Russian Missile Strike, Bakhmut Gains, West Criticism Ukraine Grows; China Warns US Conflict Coming - The Duran - Alexander Mercouris - 9 March 2023 via @FacebookWatch

Head of PMC Wagner, Evgeni Prigozhin, addressed Ukraine leader Vladimir #Zelensky, telling that only one road remains out of #Bakhmut. He asked that the remaining Ukrainian troops, elderly men and young boys, be allowed leave safely. via @FacebookWatch

Pakistan's Weapons in Ukraine Battleground | Vantage with Palki Sharma via @FacebookWatch

Russia-Ukraine fighting has reached 'critical juncture' 鈥擟hinese FM Qin Gang via @FacebookWatch

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