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@GwatiMbama @KMutisi Stop NATO and stop Western countries from influencing Ukraine. Putin invaded Ukraine after getting the wrong military advice and capabilities of the Russian army. Send in ground troops, remove Zelenski and install a puppet government. 4-8 week military operation.

@FazzioEl @KMutisi Go on the Pentagon and White House page to get more info on how the aid is spent before you embarrass yourself. Ukraine will keep getting billions until Russia pulls out in Ukraine territory. Russian economy is fucked... What happened to the Russian biggest war ship?

@FazzioEl @KMutisi You are not making sense. US Congress never approved $100bn for Ukraine in 2022. Do you know how the money is allocated and where it goes to? Most of the money goes to US defence companies making weapons and ammunition. Ukraine will get 10-20% cash, rest stays in America

@chakaInvincible @KMutisi Ukraine has done a good job defending itself from Russian invaders.

@NgulubeTrust @KMutisi Ukrainians are defending the country from Russian invaders. What propaganda are you talking about? Do you not know the reason NATO is not sending troops in Ukraine? What is the point of Putin continuing this war when it's costing Russia a lot? Bombing civilians is war crimes

@FazzioEl @KMutisi Do you know how the military aid to Ukraine was allocated by Congress? Why has Putin failed to achieve his military objectives? How has this war affected the Russian economy and internal politics?

@FazzioEl @KMutisi How did Ukraine exhaust $100bn of US military aid? It's 44bn for 2023. Putin is the one that sent his soldiers to die for nothing.

@Thabanim90 @KMutisi If he was tweeting the truth. Mutisi doesn't know the situation in Ukraine and how Russia is losing..

@KMutisi Do you even know what is going on in Ukraine and the current situation with Russian internal politics? US Congress approved $100bn in military and financial aid to Ukraine. NATO and EU countries are sending billions in military aid. Russia is not winning.

@KMCaton @julie_kelly2 He's not stuffing his pockets. Ukraine is winning the war thanks to support of America and EU countries.

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