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@CirceLover @BFossil1 @MaxBlumenthal Who started destabilizing Ukraine since 2013? Who supplied weapons, arms and soldiers (!!!!) to that conflict?

@VMeghdir @MaxBlumenthal Who started destabilizing Ukraine in 2013? Why are you ignoring a criminal war of aggression with clear genocidal acts?

@pickemupjo Explain the blackmail Russia employed in 2013, a year before the "coup" when it became clear that Ukraine wanted to associate with th EU.

@mfa_russia @UNESCO @AAzoulay Another day, another lie. Darya Dugina advocated - like her father - a genocide in Ukraine.

@Rolex0225 @berlin_bridge Why exactly do you support a country where a genocide in Ukraine is discussed openly in TV?

@TarcisoRibeiro7 @StefanKirovII @Dpol_un Oh please. Putin winning the war in Ukraine is a MAJOR security threat to Europe.

@StefanKirovII @TarcisoRibeiro7 @Dpol_un Ukraine was never about the NATO. That was a pretext. Finland and Sweden are valuable for two reasons: (1) a massibe threat to Russia's nuclear arsenal and (2) a block to the only ice free harbour to the Atlantic (Kaliningrad)

@TarcisoRibeiro7 @StefanKirovII @Dpol_un No. But I don't forget the chain of events. Who started to destabilize Ukraine when it became clear they wanted to get out of the Russian imperium? That was Russia, wasn't it?

@Norma_Jean___ @Dpol_un Nazis in Ukraine. Oh please. Explain why there are no rightwing parties in the Ukrainian parliament?

@iviedd @BeyzhMaria @Dpol_un Filming some hooligans or some extremist childrens camp is no proof for Ukraine being a Nazi state.

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