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@motytchak @elonmusk @LindseyGrahamSC 1917-1921 was a great period of troubles with falling of Russian empire and war between "white" and "Red-Bolsheviks". Ukrainians established an ephemeral republic UPR, current Ukraine was born from will of Bolsheviks, in particular dispossession of Russian territories & others!

@Gerashchenko_en @mich261213 This man is right, "cowards cannot deserve an army of lions" he said and that's right and that's the same in Ukraine who's sons & daughters of oligarchs and looters did party on riviera, Spain, Italy all along summer during time children of Ukrainian people died on battlefield!

@IuliiaMendel That's a reality you want to erase all Russia trace in Ukraine; like you did several decades back with Poles! They were your two masters in history, never a peasant people would have dreamed to have a so large borders given by Bolsheviks with solen territories to neighbours!

@ZelenskyyUa @jensstoltenberg As we would say in French "Ukraine has deserved well from the fatherland", NATO is led by USA (military command, real decision-making body), of which Ukraine has become almost a state! EU is now totally dependent on USA, so way is clear, particularly if new secretary general!

@lapatina_ That means you're a real Scandinavian warrior origin of Rus' with Cossack blood like told in Ukraine anthem, I can sing perfectly! Why give-up? For the moment Russian are quiet out of the tempo of waltz, but be care of wounded bear!

@NAFO_girl @elonmusk @xenasolo I know, father is native of Odessa, every year we used to have great party in primorskiy prospekt august 24th for national day of Ukraine, my wife sung songs of Ukrainian folklore with master of music clothed with vyshyvanka and playing Bandoura! It was nice time, lost forever!

@NAFO_girl @elonmusk @xenasolo Why she ran away? She could stay in Crimea quietly, except if she is a western nationalist of Ukraine wanting to fight and kill Russian and Russian-Ukrainian! Nationalist are really the plague of Ukraine, they Killed Poles, Jews, Russian by thousands .. a real nightmare!

@IuliiaMendel @ernieschreiber Usually american don't really know history, as their own, not to mention influence of UA diaspora, great-grandson of murderers of 2nd world war were hosted in Northern America. Those are borders of Ukraine SSR after 1945/1954, with territories stolen to Russia, Poland, Romania...

@Biz_Ukraine_Mag Dramatic reality is that to realize its goal to weaken and unbalance Russia, US don't want any peace, and its tool Ukraine has no choice except obey to its master! Nobody knows where can finish this conflict, more long it will be, more sure will be US to reach its strategic goal!

@slava_from_ua @elonmusk You can't compare. Nobody agree about territories belonged initially to Russian empire, were stolen to it to build Ukraine SSR, but it was neutral in this time of USSR! Real drama is from recent time when politics influenced by nationalist wanted to erase Russian trace in east!

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