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The Grand Who Ha ꬳ ʭꭌꭌꬷ ꭏ
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@ardobla77 Why do you think our government supports Ukraine? They are Nazis.

Another Hater with a Peace sign. He might as well add his Nazi Ukraine flag to the mix.

Why so much money going to Ukraine suddenly? Support for the Anti-Christ.

@FourWD_fan People can't seem to understand that it is the ground troops that rule the battlefield. Yes, planes and tanks compliment those troops but can be rendered ineffective due to HANDHELD weaponry as proven in Ukraine. Shoulder fired AT and AA weapons are the future, along with UAVs.

@GuntherEagleman @tohellwithlibs Democrats think they can win. Why? Because we would be up against foreign powers of the UN. Remember the family of George Floyd went before the UN and the UN accused the US of human rights violations. They want to "hold the line" in Ukraine so NATO can be ready against us. Think

Here I was thinking Russia attacked only Ukraine just to find out it was the whole west! So the "Special Military Operation" is to eliminate Nazis Worldwide! #PootinBears

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