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2/ The UK MoD stated that the BTGs‘ relatively low allocation of infantry, decentralized distribution of artillery, and the limited independence of BTG decision-making hindered their success in Ukraine.

#Russian-Occupied Areas Update: An independent investigation found that Russia may have transported thousands of #Ukrainian prisoners from penal colonies in occupied Ukraine to Russia following the withdrawal from the west bank of #Kherson Oblast.

Southern Axis Update: #Russian forces continued strengthening defensive positions in eastern #Kherson Oblast as Ukrainian forces continued striking Russian force concentrations in southern #Ukraine.

Eastern #Ukraine Update: #Russian forces conducted ground attacks near #Siversk and #Avdiivka, and in western #Donetsk Oblast. /4

Eastern #Ukraine Update: #Russian forces continued limited ground attacks west of #Kreminna to regain lost positions. /3

Eastern #Ukraine Update: #Russian forces made marginal gains around #Bakhmut on November 29, but Russian forces remain unlikely to have advanced at the tempo that Russian sources claimed. /1

.@TheStudyofWar has produced hundreds of daily assessments and thousands of maps to track the war in #Ukraine. Meet a few analysts from our small (but mighty) team working hard 7 days a week to keep you informed.🧵

Russian forces are likely preparing to launch a new wave of missile strikes across #Ukraine in the coming week, but such preparations are likely intended to sustain the current pace of strikes rather than increase it.

Russian force deployments to #Belarus in November 2022 are likely part of a Russian effort to augment #Russia's training capacity and conduct an information operation targeted at #Ukraine and the West — not to prepare to attack Ukraine again from the north

Southern Axis Update: #Ukrainian forces continued to strike #Russian military assets and along critical logistics lines in southern Ukraine. /2

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