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@bennyjohnson He is pushing for WW3. When will NATO wake up and stop pushing the world to this, Ukraine is getting closer to forcing Russia to end this as it is, you are not going to overthrow Putin, that is up to Russians not us

@myroslavapetsa Looks so staged, like they said action, then he ran toward her, sorry, all the propaganda has made me not believe anything from either Russia or Ukraine

Let鈥檚 make getting along great again! #GOP #Democrats , #Russia, #Ukraine, is anyone tired of all the fighting, I am.

@POTUS Yep, we have seen you give away our weapons to Ukraine and our hard earned money, is this building back better?

@pjtherealist @historyinmemes No fan of Putin or Russia, but I don鈥檛 think Ukraine is perfect either, I think there needs to be some discussions and ultimately let the people in those areas decide who governs them, My point was the issue is not black and white, lots of history of change in Europe

@historyinmemes Well regardless of timing in video, it is clear nothing has been rooted or stayed forever , so the fact we say current conflict in Ukraine has to be one way or you are wrong is a poor understanding of the history of this area of the world

@POTUS Well so far the most you have invested in is Ukraine? You put your money where your heart is and it is certainly not on the USA

@BuckSexton Not only is he obsessed with Trump, he is obsessed with Ukraine and we are so fortunate this man will back to being a member of the general public very soon

@catturd2 At first honestly I was thinking Ukraine was innocent, but as this unfolded I continued to see things that were not right, just like everything in life, no one side is all the way right, the left jumped all in on this, that should have been red flag 1

@POTUS Translation: I forgot I was President of the United States instead of Ukraine, guess I better give out some leftover money to our country instead of Ukraine

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