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@macphisto96 @Siree444 @koumiss @TJQuinnESPN Okay. Trump doesn’t have any power so your whole point is moot. We are in Ukraine and Biden is President. **If Trump was president and we were helping Russia… I would agree with you. But in actual reality, we are dealing with the opposite.

@TockyToYou @councilofbobs @BOBMONEY711 @Siree444 @koumiss @TJQuinnESPN Democrats just did that because they had the numbers. It was a political move to try and make him look bad, knowing that people with smooth brains like yourself would believe that. We are talking about Ukraine here in 2022 and you singing Donald Trump’s greatest hits

@macphisto96 @Siree444 @koumiss @TJQuinnESPN Trump hasn’t been President for nearly 18 months. You need to stop using that as a crutch. To entertain your view though, would it not be MORE likely that Russia invaded Ukraine because of Trump not being in office? •Not to mention, the USgovt-confirmed biolabs in Ukraine

@Siree444 @koumiss @TJQuinnESPN Kind of sounds like why the US is in Ukraine… Zelensky got Biden by the balls. They don’t call him Quid Pro Quo Joe for nothing 🥴

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