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i loathe injustice
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@DefenceU The similarities with #ApartheidIsrael practices is uncanny! After all, Ukraine Nazis find apartheid an inspiration to follow doesn鈥檛 it. https://t.co/xpane6OPBz

@The_Real_Fly Ukraine as we know it today will no longer exist. Thanks Jens for making things clear.

Love how he fooled his audience to think he was pro democrat and pro Ukraine!

@CraigMurrayOrg You argued that there was no Nazi threats in Ukraine too that they were a very tiny minority. We maybe the stupid ones to always see wrong in others, never in us! It is the west that provoked Russia, so in both cases, we bear the blame first!.

Bigsby Clayton is back from the front line in Ukraine 馃槀馃槀馃槀

@SteveSchmidtSES @elonmusk And yet you are supporting azov Nazis in Ukraine and a sick nation of supremacists in #ApartheidIsrael! Not sure what your point exactly ?

@BBCWorld You better watch out Iran, Ukraine鈥檚 Jewish Nazi is going to send his boys. His western pimps got her back https://t.co/Ejo8S72g57

The real axis of evil #ApartheidIsrael & its pimp the USA & Ukraine (Brazil is transitioning from gangster state to democracy)

@Ostrov_A Like you and your pimps respected the Palestinian elections of 2006 that voted Hamas the refused to recognize the result ? You are fast becoming like krusty the Jewish Nazi clown from Ukraine

@BernieSanders The biggest fraud ever! Keep sending billions to Nazis in Ukraine and keep telling your followers to tone it down on apartheid label. You are a fraud!

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