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Poland鈥檚 ruling Law and Justice party have been bolstered by the war in Ukraine. But as long as it is in charge, hopes of rapprochement between Poland and the EU are slim

It is not just weapons that Ukraine will need to pursue a long war. The government is also desperately short of money

Things will grow nasty in Kherson if Ukraine forces the occupiers out, says a former local official. 鈥淭he locals will simply tear the Russians apart鈥

鈾︼笍 Russia claims full control of Luhansk, an area in Ukraine鈥檚 Donbas region. 鈾︼笍 Fears grow over another new wave of covid-19 in China. 鈾︼笍 India鈥檚 richest state gets a new government. Catch up quickly on the global stories that matter 猬囷笍

Ukraine鈥檚 economy is in tatters. But economic forecasters are rarely war economists. To understand how the war is affecting Ukraine economically, they need to think outside the box

Ukraine鈥檚 national ballet no longer puts on work by Russians. 鈥淭here is no more 鈥楽wan Lake鈥,鈥 says Olesia Vorotnyk. Tchaikovsky is out

鈥淭he war against Ukraine, and against the entire West, has been the gravest blunder of today鈥檚 Russia and I consider it a crime against the country鈥檚 future,鈥 writes a former member of Russia鈥檚 UN team in Geneva

A new wave of electronic anthems mix comedy with patriotism to boost Ukraine鈥檚 morale

When war began, Olesia Vorotnyk quit Ukraine鈥檚 national ballet and took up a position at a checkpoint, armed with an AK-47

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