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@chilihead9 @atL4L5 @Rothmus Democrats suddenly caring about wasteful taxpayer spending is laughable. Totally ok to fund a war in Ukraine but REEEEEEEEE cause a couple bucks were spent to bus and fly some immigrants to Sanctuary cities. These people have no principles.

@lotek_luddite @riverotter1968 No clue. I would lean toward yes but he took the Ukraine flag out of his bio so that鈥檚 a step in the right direction. But his header is still very goofy IMO. We all get stuck in goofy ruts and he鈥檚 never been ugly with me so I just look past it.

@lotek_luddite @riverotter1968 Typical republican garbage. All of my political opponents are socialists/communists while in reality both republicans and democrats are just socialists that disagree on how to spend your money. Except laundering money to Ukraine.

@AaronReinsmith @CliffMorning Correct. Political theater. But I don鈥檛 support us intervening in their war. At all. That鈥檚 advocating for America to be world police. That鈥檚 what neocons and neoliberals do. If Ukraine wants to buy weapons then fine. Break out the checkbook. But funding a war is pro war.

@AaronReinsmith @CliffMorning Since when? They鈥檙e actively finding the the war in Ukraine. That鈥檚 PRO war.

@CliffMorning Not even a little bit. The only people to stand up against sending money to Ukraine to fund that war was a few republicans and maybe Tulsi but she鈥檚 not in office any longer. Pretty much everyone is glad to be out of Afghanistan barring a few neocons/neoliberals.

@AlexRoyce16 Hey bot. When you explain how this is relevant to my OP, I鈥檒l pretend to take these responses seriously. Ukraine is in the top 3 of corrupt governments on the earth. Something, something, research kid.

Tax it so hard you could send billions to Ukraine for Zelensky to get on the cover of another magazine.

@gaughen @wmWillBeHeard @LPGeorgia @reason @ComicDaveSmith It is. Who is championing Russian imperialism I鈥檝e r Ukraine? The invasion is horrible and evil. Ukraine is completely corrupt and ranked in the top 3 as such. These 2 things aren鈥檛 mutually exclusive.

@riverotter1968 @Platinumflyer1 The 鈥渘eocon鈥? Yea no. You should really learn more. I mean that honestly. With that Ukraine flag and all. Please, do some research.

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