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@ogwinona @domainusername @DavidGiglioCA @disclosetv Biden voted to attack Iraq and he was big part of attack to Libya. Also Biden / NATO are partially responsible for Ukraine war because they ignored Russia warnings … Biden is one billion times a war monger than trump.

@SenTedCruz Your priority was to send money to Ukraine Ted. Fuck off

@t_guswal @08452b @POTUS No I mean Joe Biden. He voted for Iraq war and don’t forget them attacking Libya and trying to bring NATO to Ukraine. Putin is bad too but Biden is far worse when it comes to wars

@LoganSkrzypczak @IldikoPasztor @visegrad24 Azov Nazis did plenty of genocide in eastern Ukraine and if they have ever have the power would kill anyone who is not one of them.

@LoganSkrzypczak @IldikoPasztor @visegrad24 No it doesn’t. I am no fan of Russia. Or Russian invasions. But why don’t you admit that the Nazis within Ukraine are absolutely reprehensible too.

@Arthur_K88 @visegrad24 Ukraine shelled and killed eastern part first. Do you remember now or you have Alzheimer?

@K611Jesse @RNCResearch @POTUS Biden caused Ukraine war too. He is as much to blame as Putin. Does the 2014 insurrection ring a bell?

@vancouverboomer @Linda_4justice @GalCastaway @Dementos01 @6ixbuzztv @NS20001984 lol 😂 This Karen is in major denial. Biden approval rating is in the 30 percent realm. Historical inflation and market crash. Ukraine war which him incited through NATO and 2014 coup in Ukraine … sure Putin is a bad guy but so is Biden …. Karen wake up

@cihanirmak @michaelb529 @War_Mapper lol 😂 Ukraine was part of Soviet Union which Russia let go of. The conditions were that NATO will not keep exisndjng toward Russian borders. Are you gonna deny that this was a big part of it? Japan or iran and more strategic places, why is Russia not attacking them? 😂

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