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@Lorelei_0502 @noclador Ukraine does have stand-off JDAM glide bombs, not sure how many they have though.

@noclador Ukraine most likely will move a Patriot battery close enough to the front lines to cover their counteroffensive. This will push Russian aircraft back but any ground attack missions will still have to deal with an abundant SAM threat.

Strong possibility that israel is going to supply Ukraine with Iron Dome. #NAFO

@danakabradpitt @DeptOfSusFires There was plenty of peace before Russia tried to break up Ukraine, failed, and then invaded.

@OCanonist Must suck for the great Russian army to be getting clapped by tiny Ukraine. lol. What fucking joke Russia is. All they have is lies and bullsh*t

@tassagency_en Give Ukraine everything they need to destroy the Russian military.

@_ooo0OOOO0ooo_ That is an effective drone right there. Can we get them 1000 more? If Ukraine could organize waves of Drone attacks it could make a significant difference.

@QuancyClayborne Tell that to the people who are fighting for their lives and freedom in Ukraine.

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