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@vonderleyen The dact that you turn a blind eye to Ukraine atrocities, even against their own people, speaks volumes about the true nature of the EU, and of NATO. To be expected of 馃嚭馃嚘, where 1 in 3 is a nazi sympathizer. https://t.co/6fRd87cXdF

@koalafied2koala Why I do think they were weapons earmarked for Ukraine? Plausible deniability. "We shipped them. What happened after that we don't know."

@GeromanAT @JonHallin @Tsesarevich1904 Some people have no concept of what it means to preserve your resources including troops. Ukraine wastes them because "we can always just beg for more".

@PlessierMarc @maskface4real @malle_mulle @MundaSquire Lol! There are Nazis in every country. There is only one country where it sits at the top. Ukraine.

Has it mot occurred to anyone that perhaps Ukraine was the "crisis" that gave the powers that be a "get out of jail free" card for what has been during the pandemic, why the pandemic happened, and everything related >> vaccine<< ?

@CanadianKitty1 The only error I can see in your reporting is the assumption of Zelensky being in Ukraine.

@Trudeaus_Ego @JamieDevlin1633 @ZelenskyyUa Perhaps you should be asking if that is what we as Canadians want. I do not want my child's education savings to be put at risk, or attached in any way to Ukraine.

The height of stupidity. Everyone knew this was exactly why the US has been pushing for conflict with Russia and Ukraine. Everyone except EU leaders it seems.

@berlin_bridge Hardly the first time Russia has told the truth. Hardly the first time Ukraine has lied.

@TheScrubmaster @WarMonitors Here is a fun exercise: Compare to debris to S-300 AD missiles. Get a map of Ukraine and polish border. Realise that the S-300 missile only has a 150km range. Draw a 150km radius from reported spot two Poles were killed. Then realise Russia couldn't have fired it.

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