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Just a guy trying to make a a positive way. Come join us at Center Street PAC. Let鈥檚
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@mtracey This is an absolutely idiotic assertion that seeks to correlate the actions of an aggressor in a World War with the aggressive act of鈥ot letting Ukraine get overrun by Russia. I sometimes wonder if you can count.

@Neoavatara @TerryMoran This assumes we have final and accurate casualty numbers from Ukraine. We don鈥檛.

鈥淭rump鈥檚 supporters are enraged!鈥 Lemme guess: Big Bird? Disney? US History? The FBI? Ukraine? Biden (of course)?

@mtracey I鈥檓 good with it. We can drone the living fuck out old washed up terrorists. And maybe some new ones, like your friends from Russia who are committing war crimes in Ukraine.

@d_anton_niess @mtracey So, your argument is that because Saudi Arabia invaded Yemen it's okay for Russia to invade Ukraine? You can try to make that work. Best of luck.

@d_anton_niess @mtracey Mostly their invasion and regular commission of war crimes in Ukraine, presently.

@mattgaetz More Billions for Ukraine. And more guns, bombs, rockets, and ammunition. Until Russia fucks off back to Russia entirely. No more footsie with Dictators!

@MarkHertling @jleeannis I would not want to be a Russian in Ukraine if this invasion fails.

@jkempcpa He鈥檚 literally trying to convince himself that Ukraine will matter more. A story that has largely vanished from the zeitgeist.

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