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@davidharsanyi In 2014, both Russia and Ukraine hurled the insult “Antisemites” at each other as they fought. I will mute anyone who jumps on this tweet as an excuse to hate on anyone. I’m just reporting a rather odd historical event.

@ShoffnerSr @MZHemingway Also if you listen to Putin (and all his advisors) Ukraine is not the goal…only a stepping stone towards the borders he believes he needs. So NOT sending arms also risks nukes. Russians will continue into Moldova and part of Romania (the Bessarabian Gap). That’s NATO.

@ShoffnerSr @MZHemingway Are there many who think like you do? That the Ukraine war may lead soon to the End Times? My comment was about what is more likely to lead to Armageddon. There’s a case to be made that sending weapons to Ukraine decreases the chance of nukes being used.

@damcav @DavidSacks If they believe (not you believe…that doesn’t matter) that their survival is at stake, they might. I’d put the odds much higher than the odds they’ll start nuking in a conventional Ukraine fight.

@DavidSacks You take the risk no matter what you do. If you let Russia take Ukraine, they will not stop there. They will continue into Moldova and Romania. That means Russian vs NATO troops. WHEN the Russians lose that fight badly, they are even more likely to nuke.

@FirstSquawk It would be news if they did NOT discuss it. The fact that they did discuss it is not news. Of course, there is a risk if Russia loses in Ukraine. There is also a risk if Russia wins in Ukraine. This is a time for clear thinking, not politics or slogans.

@ShoffnerSr @MZHemingway Please explain? To me, it seems like a risk however you go. If Russia takes Ukraine, next it rolls into Moldova and Romania. That means conflict with NATO, which Russia will lose BADLY. What happens next?

@MZHemingway Republicans, I am not liberal nor warmonger but I’m telling you straight: it benefits USA (or at least NATO) when Ukrainians destroy Russian conventional capability. Ukraine is a large steppingstone. Russian goal is Bessarabian Gap, Baltics, banks of the Vistula…all inside NATO.

@MZHemingway I sympathize regarding forever wars. Their argument about appeasement is stupid. But this is not Afghanistan and you are not seeing the big picture. If Russia takes Ukraine, WILL continue into Moldova and Romania. Better to let Ukraine soften them up.

@connorobrienNH Predictable tweets…sigh. “McCarthy is a Putin stooge.” “Arming Ukraine is too expensive and risks nuclear war.” Here’s another perspective: helping Ukraine erode Russia’s conventional forces and tiny millennial generation is an expensive but worthwhile investment.

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