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⚡️ What could Ukraine's next move be as the Russian army collapses

❌ ‘It is unfair to say Ukraine has only managed this because of the flow of Western weapons. ‘They have been hugely influential, of that there is no doubt, but training, belief in the military and political leadership and a cause worth dying for are just as important.’

‘In recent weeks, the momentum has shifted in Ukraine’s favour as its opponent's many flaws have been exploited. ‘Ukraine’s delighted troops bullied their way through gaps as they charged east in a euphoric dash behind the lines.'

🇺🇦 Ukraine’s three likely routes of attack as the brain-dead Russian army collapses Thread 🧵⬇️

🔴 A three-year-old girl has been pulled from the rubble alive after Russia launched a series of deadly missile strikes on the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia overnight Stay up to date with our Ukraine live-blog ⬇️

The comments follow those from Laura Cooper, US deputy assistant secretary of defence, who said that Crimea was within Ukraine's grasp. "And just to be clear, Crimea is Ukraine," she added

👉 Pushing into Crimea would mean Ukraine going further than the front lines of Feb 23, when Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and would likely view a ground assault on the critical strategic enclave as a major escalation

But a senior US officer told The Telegraph that recent Russian military collapses mean “the recapture of Crimea by Ukraine is now a distinct possibility and can no longer be discounted”

Russian men are flocking to fertility clinics to freeze their sperm before being sent to fight in Ukraine, amid a mobilisation drive that has already seen at least 200,000 men called up to Russia’s forces

🔴 Ukraine has discovered a box of gold teeth pulled from victims at a Russian torture chamber, where people were buried alive

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