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🇷🇺 Russia is running out of “single-use soldiers” and can no longer rely on “human wave” attacks in eastern Ukraine that has helped in its recent offensives, British military intelligence has concluded. @Nat_Vasilyeva reports:

🇺🇦 Notorious mercenary group Wagner has slowed its recruitment from Russian prisons as tensions with the Kremlin begin to show publicly, according to the UK Ministry of Defence. Follow our Ukraine liveblog for more ⤵️

🚨The Daily Telegraph's Julian Simmonds is at the scene of the missile strike in Kramatorsk. See the pictures from the rescue operation in this morning's live blog. #Kramatorsk #Ukraine ⬇️

🇺🇸 Washington is preparing to send missiles to Ukraine which could strike almost the entire Russian-occupied region of the country, US officials have said. Read more about the missiles designed by Boeing here ⬇️

🇺🇦 A Russian business is offering a cash reward as a prize to the first soldiers who destroy Western-made tanks in Ukraine. Read more ⤵️

🇺🇦 A Russian missile strike killed an elderly woman in Kharkiv on Sunday, and wounded three others on Sunday, after an attack on an apartment building. Follow our Ukraine liveblog for more ⤵️

🇩🇪 Olaf Scholz has endured weeks of criticism from his own coalition allies and state leaders across Europe over his refusal to send tanks to Ukraine without the US. Yet domestically at least, the German chancellor is pushing a different narrative 👇

🇺🇦 An increasing number of officials within the Pentagon are calling for the US to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

🇷🇺 The Dalai Lama’s envoy in Russia has resigned after the Kremlin labelled him a “foreign agent” for criticising its war in Ukraine

🔴 US military officials have reportedly begun urging the Pentagon to approve sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to help defend against Russian missile and drone attacks. Read more on our Ukraine liveblog 👇

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