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@miziwesttown @BrockSavage8 @TulsiGabbard See you gave youself away as a putinista. Putin invaded and carries on genocide in Ukraine, and you blame the victim.

@miziwesttown @BrockSavage8 @TulsiGabbard You are a putinist troll. You ryssian army is being defeated by Ukraine as we speak. Down with putinism.

@miziwesttown @BrockSavage8 @TulsiGabbard If you want putin to continue genocide in Europe, then take putin's rubles and join russian army. US has not sent any troops to Ukraine, so stop this nonsense.

@TulsiGabbard Trumpists represent Russia. If they win, putin wins, America loses. T.Gobbard advocates allowing putin to continue genocide in Ukraine. Disgusting.

@sukhoi37th @apmassaro3 Putin invaded Ukraine. The culprit is known. Putin/trump conspiracy theories work only for less intelligent.

@sukhoi37th @apmassaro3 You did not prive anything. Putin gave orders to invade Ukraine and mass murder the peopke. Fact. Therefore punishment of putin is a must.

@Thieidf91 @apmassaro3 Putinistas are trying to justify russian invasion and genocide in Ukraine. The Free world warned russian fuhrer that invasion will have severe consequences. Putin is the reason why russian now paying a high price for putinistas crimes.

@salvadordalius @May26221182 @k8zaer @michael_frommel @apmassaro3 Ukraine already beating putinistas badly. Putin's 3 day war is still ongoing. Russian economy is imploding.

@GhaliMimi1 @MazVasil @apmassaro3 Yeah, putin should withdraw from occupied territories. Ukraine is defending itself from russian genocide.

@GhaliMimi1 @MazVasil @apmassaro3 Iraq invaded Kuwait. Then Iraqi dictator paid the price. Putin invaded Ukraine and is payi g for it. Russia is imperialist gang, US fights dictators, cimmis and jihadis.

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